All New Season 6 Server

A well-developed Server to provide you a better gaming experience!


Active Community

We are aiming to be one of the top Servers of all time in MU Online!

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Unique than the others

We offer you a real free-to-play server! More grinding experience to become strong.

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Server Information

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✔️Facebook Page:
✔️Solo Player Package:
✔️Guild Package:

[General Information]
✔️Server Location: OVH Singapore
✔️Server Version: Season 6
✔️Experience Rate: 5000x
✔️Master Experience Rate: 1000x
✔️Drop Rate: 50%
✔️Gameplay Setting: PvP/PvM
✔️Maximum Level: 400
✔️Maximum Master Level: 200
✔️Maximum Stats: 32767
✔️Maximum Option: 6
✔️Maximum Socket Option: 3
✔️Maximum Sphere: 5 (Penta)
✔️Points per Level: 10/12

[Server Features]
✔️DDOS Protected
✔️Better Anti-Hack System (PS Dev & MHP)
✔️Reset System
✔️Well-configured PvP
✔️Fully-functional Events
✔️Unique Drops configurationbr>
✔️Weekly Castle Siege
✔️Active Staff & Development
✔️Duel Bet System
and many more that can only be found in our Server!

[Server Commands]
/reset auto
/marrry to